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DOTS: Ice cold Germans

Last monday I cycled to my work and saw these two ice cold Germans parked on the opposite sides of the street:
Ice cold Germans: Audi TT and Porsche 911
Ice cold Germans: Audi TT and Porsche 911

In one way they are both great German workmanship and could be seen as friends, but on the other hand they are in the same segment and could be seen as rivals. Nevertheless a nice sight!

When I returned from work it had snowed during the day, the two Germans were still parked on the opposite sides of the street so it gave me the opportunity to shoot the same picture again but this time both covered in snow:
Ice cold Germans: Audi TT and Porsche 911
Ice cold Germans: Audi TT and Porsche 911

I know: in the meanwhile the amount of snow fallen in the Netherlands was way more than this, but the next day I found the TT parked somewhere else and the nice duo shot was not possible anymore.

I believe the Porsche is owned by one of the people living on the opposite side of the street (so the Audi side 😉 ) and the TT is owned by someone a few blocks away, at least, that’s where I see it parked when I pass it on my way to work. The Porsche is bone stock and the TT is tuned to the full extend and is groundscrapingly low.

BTW: both photos were shot with the Helios 44-2 lens. The second picture “failed” due being taken at 1/4th of a second (so that is 4 on your camera display!) without having anything steady to support the camera except my two legs.

Itasha: don’t limit yourselves to Japanese cars!

Just came across this video of a couple of itasha:

It show the itasha fanatics are not only limiting themselves to Japanese cars alone. At quick glance I spotted several BMWs, an Alfa Romeo 156, a Lotus Elise, Alfa Romeo GTA, Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, Lincoln Continental, Audi TT and a Corvette!

Somehow I’m starting to get more and more into the itasha. Maybe start another blog about them? 😛

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