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Automotive artwork: Toping Tune

To kee in the same spirits as yesterday’s Carina artwork, Ken?1 posted about a drawing his friend Oh Ro Shin Daichi made of his Levin AE86 on the HaCHi RoCK Festa:
Toping Tune: Ken?1s AE86
Toping Tune: Ken?1’s AE86

Nice! Even the smallest details like the Kei Office sticker are all there! :)

As you can see, his friend does not limit himself to AE86s only:
Toping Tune: Skyline DR30
Toping Tune: Skyline DR30

You can buy either an existing (standard) drawing or have your very own personal made!

You can order your own Toping Tune here!

Carina Sightings: Super deformed Carina TA63 drawing

On Minkara I spotted this amazing drawing of a Toyota Carina TA63:
Super deformed Carina TA63 coupe
Super deformed Carina TA63 coupe

It was drawn at the second Historic Car Jam, held in the Central Park in Tenmonkan (Kagoshima) and is a drawing given to Rough Garage. (Where did I see that name and logo in slightly different shape before… )

And this is the original:
Original of the super deformed Carina TA63 coupe
Original of the super deformed Carina TA63 coupe

Too bad Rough Garage doesn’t own a sedan, otherwise it would have been a perfect copy of mine as well. :P
Perhaps I should start drawing Carinas like this as well. ;)

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