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Commercial time: Subaru Leone super sedan

Just like the new modern Subaru BRZ is an innovation for Subaru, back in the 80s Subaru’s 4WD technique was innovative and ground breaking. Subaru’s 4WD is just like a baseball bat: you aim for it and hit the apex at the right spot.

So of course they applied the 4WD package to all model lineups including the new Leone 2. Funny to see them now going back to 2WD…

Commerical time: Subaru Leone x2

I’m fully aware that my Subaru postcount is way below the Toyota and Nissan postcount! So let’s do something about that:

This 1982 second generation Leone advertisement shows exactly why you should buy a 4WD Leone: as a professional baseball player (Tatsunori Hara) you really need it to get to second base with Hiromi Iwasaki!

Video: CRX 4×4 somewhere in Holland

Now this is the weirdest 4×4 I’ve seen for a while: a Honda CRX 4×4!

I found a video on a (Honda related) Minkara and when looking at some other videos posted by its uploader it revealed the 4×4 CRX was actually from the Netherlands! Now that’s social media: finding stuff on the other side of the planet that actually happens around the corner! :D

I found it is actually for sale as well:
CRX 4×4 for sale

According to the information I found in the ad (and another one) the CRX shell is placed on top of a Nissan Patrol with a 3.3 liter turbo diesel engine. Now that’s a fun machine! :)

DOTS: Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII

Another DOTS from my vacation in Hungary: I drove through a small town with a junkyard and spotted a tuned Corolla with big foglights up front. I wanted to take some pictures of the Corolla but it was an EE80 model, too far away and half hidden behind other vehicles. Then I spotted this faded Subaru Justy (aka Subaru Rex in Japan) next to the fence:
Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII
Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII

I already saw that the Justy was an 4WD model. The 4WD is very rare in Holland: there is absolutely no use for 4WD unless you are a farmer. But then again: which farmer wants to drive around in a Justy??

Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII
Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII

Back home I found out it is the Justy J12 4WD SLII version. Basically it means it is powered by the superior 1.2 liter 3-cylinder engine. In 1988 the 4WD Justy on the Mk1 was introduced in Europe and the Justy got facelifted to a rounder model in 1989. This means this car can only be an 1988 or early 1989 model then.

3 door Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII
3 door Subaru Justy J12 4WD SLII

The 4WD models were only in 2 door trim (not very logical IMO) and this one is no exception. ;)

I could not take more pictures than this: there was a big trench next to the fence, so either the view would be blocked by the car next to it, or I would be standing inside the trench.

I also failed shooting the first picture of the car: I had been playing with the whitebalance of the camera the day before and forgot to switch back to normal mode. Back home I saw how that turned out:
Subaru Justy on drugs!
Subaru Justy on drugs!

Now the paint even looks more faded! :)

Maybe someone can turn this car into a small drifter? The car is a full time 4WD with a LSD on the rear axle, so only cutting the front axles would transform this Kei-car into a Kei drift car! Or maybe someone wants to turn this beautiful rare Japanese car into a rat look? The paint has already faded and it already has a rack on its roof! ;)

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