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Friday Video: Fuji Speedway 30-degree high bank today

A few years ago I posted an photo of what the infamous Fuji Speedway 30-degree high bank looks like today. A few weeks ago someone in my subscription list on Youtube posted a video of the same thing: the Fuji Speedway 30-degree bank overgrown with grass, plants and trees.
Fuji Speedway 30 degree bank
The video can actually show you more details than one single photo: it shows details like old signs, banners, guard rail leftovers and overgrown tribunes. Really worth watching on a boring Friday afternoon at work!

You can watch the video below:

Direct link to video: 馬鹿が富士スピードウェイの30度バンクを見に行くと、こうなる。

Family Album Treasures: Fuji Speedway 30 degree bank

One of the most famous parts of the old Fuji International Speedway was the 30 degree banking. Due to the track layout changes made in the middle of the construction the banking was actually the wrong way around. At the end of the straight cars would dive into a banked corner which suddenly ended. This resulted in one of the most dangerous corners ever made and had many casualties over its 19 years use.

When in 1986 the the Group 5 era ended and also the infamous banked corner was closed down on Fuji International Speedway, but never actually demolished. There is still a large piece left of the banking and apparently this Group 5 fan wished to say goodbye to the 30 degree bank:
Fuji International Speedway 30 degree bank
Fuji International Speedway 30 degree bank

I would certainly love to have such a picture in my family album! Whenever I visit Fuji International Speedway I’ll certainly make a similar picture! :)

Found at [Feel the beat @ Livedoor blog]

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