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Carina Sightings: Carina bi-turbo diesel drifting

I posted some videos of this Finnish Carina before and his car is getting more and more interesting! A few days ago he posted a new in-car video of a drift session on the Botniaring:

Even though the sound of his Carina does not match our expectations (no high revving 4A-GE, but a bi-turbo 2L-T) he surely can throw the car sideways as it should with all that (slow) torque!

Apparently I was truely wrong about his project two years ago when he posted up the first videos on StreetFire…

Carina Sightings: Carina LA60 Coupe 2L diesel

Remember the video of the diesel powered Carina A6 coupe I posted several months ago?

It just got posted again 16 hours ago on Youtube:

Apparently now it has been posted by the user called toyotawiki who is reposting a lot of old videos with spam in the description (pointing to some wiki page on He even reposts videos from! Oh well, I expected this kind of behavior to happen on Youtube sooner or later anyway…

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