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Globetrotting Toyota GR86 – Down on the Street

Earlier this week I posted a photo of a German AE86 and Toyota GR86. Only a few days prior to that I already encountered my first GR86 in the wild! Hunting a Micra, finding a Toyota GR86! I actually went hunting for a strange polka-dotted Nissan Micra I saw earlier in the parking garage. It […]

Not so boring Toyota Estima L Aeras G Edition ACR30 – Down on the Street

I have a nose for out-of-the-ordinary cars and today’s Toyota Estima L Aeras G Edition ACR30 is a prime example of that! While driving through the parking garage I noticed this minivan making an attempt to park in a very tight spot. Even though it has the same shame, it didn’t match the ordinary Toyota […]

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