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Got better!

I have almost fully recovered now! I will start posting from tomorrow onwards again! :)

We went to the doctor (together with my son) and it turned out to be, as the doctors say, a bad gastroenteritis. In other words: flu which only affects the digestion system. So it couldn’t be swineflu. Besides that: I haven’t eaten any pig for ages so it can’t be swineflu after all. ;)

BTW: is the contact form also sick or is the contest that difficult? I have only received one single solution to the contest so far and that is my own to test the contact form…

Got sick?

As you may have noticed on the posts have dried up a bit… Same will happen here. :|

I’ve been sick since last Thursday evening and unable to write anything since then. Lucky enough I do create some posts beforehand which will get posted when scheduled (a few dots and exhaust of the week) but I’m not sure when I feel well enough to post again… I am feeling a bit better tonight and let’s hope it stays that way!

I have no idea what I have but I will see the doctor tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s not swineflu! ;)

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