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SEO: How to kill your traffic?

Just got an email from Shaner who runs Club4AC for over 2 years now. Club4AC is dead, long live!

Well, changing your domainname isn’t that bad if it is an improvement above the old name. I understand why he did it: he will always be blamed his site’s success is drifting along the success of the bigger brother Club4AG and it is limiting to the cars with a 4AC engine only, just like AEU86 is limiting to the AE86 only.

Currently he actually implemented a redirection of the old content to the new domain with a 301 HTTP header (Moved Permanently). This is indeed the correct way to do, however on the new domain we get redirected to IP.board instead of the good old phpbb (behind /old/ ). Of course we get an IP.board error: “Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.” which will cause Google (and other search engines) to end up on the same page for every already indexed page. They will mark the content duplicate and remove the old pages from the index.

Also the second page I requested ended up in a site overlay which caused me to click away from the site: IMO people doing site overlays should not deserve traffic!

SEO: Google images indexing after double quotes

About a month ago I blogged about Google not indexing my images. I suspected it was the single quotes I used for all HTML tags. I switched over to double quotes but did not see any changes.

Now a month has passed and Google currently has indexed twice the amount of images as before and I do see much more text around the images.

This means a couple of things:

  1. Google does not update it’s images frequently
  2. Google prefers double quotes above single quotes
  3. I still need to change a lot of tags to get more images indexed…

I’m not too happy about that last part. :(

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