Today I added the last of the Carina A6 specs. This time the S59-3 (March 1984) specifications which are the final specifications. Shortly after this folder the Carina A6 was fully replaced by the (already available) T160 Carina II.

As you can see the 2T-G is replaced by the 4A-GE and the GT is also available as GT-R.

I still haven’t figured out what exact the difference is between the GT and the GT-R except for the weight, width and ride height: the GT-TR and GT-R are 20 and 10 kg heavier, 1.5 cm wider and 1.5 cm higher than the GT-T and GT.

Also the pictures of the interior show that the R-spec is having bucket seats and power windows while the non R-spec is having normal seats (exact the same interior as mine except for the rear bench) and manual windows.

This probably means that the R-spec is more luxurious than the normal version. So if anyone has a definite answer to me: please tell me! :)

You can find the S59-3 specs here:
Carina A6 specs S59-3 (March 1984)