Monday moring RSS reading gave me these beautiful videos by Zeppann containing various old Japanese (and European/American) cars at a Classic Car Club meeting held July 19th in Kuroishi:

Japanese cars spotted at quick glance (after 6:30 minutes) were almost the entire nostalgic lineup of Japan: (in no particular order)
Honda S800, Honda S600, Honda Beat, Nissan Cedric C210, Nissan Laurel C130, Nissan Skyline C110, Nissan Fairlady S30 280Z, Nissan Skyline C10, Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, Hino Contessa Coupe?, Nissan Fairlady S30 240ZG, Mazda Cosmo, Nissan Silvia CSP311, Mazda 360, Nissan Sunny B10, Honda N360, Nissan Skyline C210, Nissan Cedric C330, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mitsubishi Starion, Soarer Z20, Toyota Corolla AE86, Nissan Cedric Y30 hardtop, Nissan Laurel C31 hardtop, Nissan Skyline DR30 ironmask, Nissan Bluebird 510, Prince Gloria, Nissan Cedric C130 (early), Toyota Crown MS110, Mitsubishi Minica (first generation) and Isuzu Bellet.
Then I got bored and stopped identifying them. [???]

And then there was a second video:

With a Subaru 360, Daihatsu Max, Mitsubishi Galant GTO, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Publica and many many many many (did I already say many?) more Japanese nostalics! ?(´?`)/

IMO worth watching and not a even a second of that video was wasted time!

Direct link to videos: 2009 クラシックカークラブ青森ミーティングINこみせ 1/2, 2009 クラシックカークラブ青森ミーティングINこみせ 2/2