Yesterday I was looking for new shoes in the center and I just passed by the ABC. All windows were covered with beautiful manga drawings!
ai madonna, photo mady by Kahless

She is a live Manga performer which, as I understood, is somehow drawing them as a performance. More or less art and all her works are either paintings or painted clothes. Kahless described it as manga graffiti.

When I spoke to Kahless and it turned out to be a quickly planned visit to Amsterdam and he was asked to be their translator. They tried to get her exposing in the Stedelijk but they already were occupied with other “short exhibitions”

Too bad I was on a limit time frame: only half an hour to get to the other store of Fred de la Bretonnerie to buy the shoes I wanted so I could only look at everything in a few minutes. Would have loved to stick around and perhaps have a short chat. 🙁

To see more of her work, look here:

And see here for the pictures made by Kahless: