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Japanese BBS wheels

This video kind of surprised me:

This video from 1993 clearly shows (some) BBS wheels are produced in Japan. A bit weird for someone living next to Germany expecting a German wheel manufacturer to actually produce them in Germany!

A little research learned that the Japanese company Washibeam produces the BBS F1 Magnesium wheel and all one piece Aluminum racing wheels. They sell those wheels back to BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG and vice versa for the other wheels. In this way the production of the wheels can continue even if either BBS or Washibeam go bankrupt.

Densha Otoko would be proud

Densha Otoko would be very proud on this guy: he built a giant beetle robot in his garage all by himself:

The robot is shaped after kabuto-mushi (also known as the rhinoceros beetle) which has a big antler on its forehead to be used in mating battles.

His controller looks pretty complex:
RX-03 control box
RX-03 control box

However when we zoom in on the title of the controller:
RX-03 control box zoomed in
RX-03 control box zoomed in

Kabutom Ragio Controrea? Maybe that’s how it is supposed to be pronounced by a Japanese… :D

He named his robot Kabutom RX-03 since it is the third incarnation of his robot. I wonder what Kabutom RX-07 looks like… Maybe something like the RX7 on the right?
Kabutom RX-07?
Kabutom RX-07?

Old school Japanese police cars

I just happened to stumble upon this nice video of all pre 1984 Japanese police cars:

I think the people loving the Seibu Keisatsu regulars at Japanese Nostalgic Car blog will recognize a lot of the cars in this video.

I did spot a lot of Crows, Glorias and Cedrics. But also rare cars like the Ford Mustang Mach 1 and a 240Z and a 300ZX highway chasers!

AE86 nominated as Japanese musclecar of the 80s

Jalopnik nominated the AE86 as Project Car Hell musclecar of the 80s and it is nominated against the Mitsubishi Starion.


The AE86 is a pretty cool car, of course, but these days it’s akin to what the ’69 Camaro was to my generation: just about the only old car that every high-school kid can identify.

You can find (and vote) here:
PCH, 80s Japanese Muscle Edition: AE86 or Starion?

I wished they would have taken my old AE86 as example of how the AE86 looks:
my old rusty ae86 trueno

instead of this:
ae86 by jalopnik

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