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How to: revive a set of vintage Pioneer TS-32 speakers (part one)

I have been absent for a while now and I had many things to blame for that where one of them is that I actually was creating this video on how to revive a set of vintage Pioneer TS-32 speakers.
Reviving a set of vintage Pioneer TS-32
Since I no longer have access to Adobe Premiere I had to pick a new non-linear editor and relearn the whole thing. I tried several of them and picked Lightworks which does the job but works on your nerves every now and then as sometimes it is beyond grasp why it doesn’t work. My steep learning curve took me about 15 to 20 hours of editing for this small sub 8 minute clip but I think I finally got it acceptable.

Anyway, this video is the first part about reviving a set of vintage speakers that I bought for only 10 euros: Continue reading

DIY: Fender widening by Video Option

I still remember encountering these techniques through AEU86 for the first time and it scared the hell out of me:

Back then when I saw this video I thought this guy is bashing up his own car in a very bad way: he’s not using the right hammers to do body work with and he just uses a pole to widen his rear fender with.

Nowadays I can truely enjoy this video: I’ve learned a lot in the last years and one of them is that you can’t keep your car clean if you want to go fast with it. People like this guy are doing this to improve the car, not the looks of the car. They don’t care how the car looks, as long as it is okay.

So actually seeing this video after such a long time made me laugh about how my own opinion changed during these years… I still wouldn’t do that to my own Carina because I would take a proper set of tools but I can understand and enjoy these DIY mods now. :)

I wonder if this car still lives… Or would it already be used as a drift missile after a while?

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