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Google video ads

November 29, 2007 in video by banpei

I’m currently playing with Google video ads. At first I though it was very promising, but in the end I was a bit disappointed…

As you can see it is a videoplayer, showing ads. However you can’t apply it to your own ads yet… Maybe a good thing to read the tutorial tomorrow. 😉

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Puppy saving TA63 Carina

November 29, 2007 in 4AGE by banpei

Oh great! I lack a turbo on my Carina and now I can’t do puppy saving!

Oh well… I didn’t fancy the turbo GT-TR Carina anyway. I’m more fan of the 4AGE. 😉

Anyway, the source can be found here:

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Which mobile suit from Gundam is the new Skyline GT-R?

November 28, 2007 in Skyline by banpei

According to Anime News Network the designer of the new Nissan GT-R is inspired by Gundam. All the boxy parts and big vents are definetly Mobile suit like, but the first question which sprung in mind was “Which mobile suit from Gundam is the new Skyline GT-R?”. 😛

I don’t think the first RX-78 was the actual inspiration… That would be a typical Mazda thing. 😉

Nissan Skyline GTR R35
Nissan Skyline GTR R35
inspired this???

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AE86 with 4AGZTE (twin charged)

November 14, 2007 in 4AGE by banpei

Amazing! My estimate is that it outputs 250hp+.
Too bad the driver only uses it to immitate Back to the Future. 🙁

I’d say spot the differences with this:
spot the difference between Back to the future and the 4AGZTE
It probably is making the same noise as well. 😉

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Live manga @ ABC Amsterdam!

November 4, 2007 in live manga by banpei

Yesterday I was looking for new shoes in the center and I just passed by the ABC. All windows were covered with beautiful manga drawings!
ai madonna, photo mady by Kahless

She is a live Manga performer which, as I understood, is somehow drawing them as a performance. More or less art and all her works are either paintings or painted clothes. Kahless described it as manga graffiti.

When I spoke to Kahless and it turned out to be a quickly planned visit to Amsterdam and he was asked to be their translator. They tried to get her exposing in the Stedelijk but they already were occupied with other “short exhibitions”

Too bad I was on a limit time frame: only half an hour to get to the other store of Fred de la Bretonnerie to buy the shoes I wanted so I could only look at everything in a few minutes. Would have loved to stick around and perhaps have a short chat. 🙁

To see more of her work, look here:

And see here for the pictures made by Kahless: