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acronym for saihatdu (car manufacturer)? 

9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Bob says:

    Is there a chance to put me back in your blogroll?

  2. Kristijan says:

    Hey man! Love your text about AE86 and one thing in particular. That digital cluster gauge. Can you please scan that catalogue that contains the picture in high resolution so I can make a wallpaper out of it? I tried to find a decent picture for days, but I can’t. Thanks in advance!

  3. Robert Binder says:

    Hi, i am from Leverkusen Germany
    and i love the Remember Japanese Historic
    Car Graffiti 2010 Calendar.
    Where can i buy it ? ( I am a rebuilder from a
    Celica RA 28 and i like to buy the calendar from my garage ).
    I hope to here you soon
    Cheers Robert

  4. Dear Bampei, in 1993 I was at the center of a Suzuki Cultus launching, advertising campaign, as a ceramic artist based at the city of Kanazawa, with TV comertials, videos, radio and printed matter. I would like to have access to that video of which I don’t own a copy., Do you think you could help me on that?
    Thank you and regards
    Alberto Cidraes

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