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Hilarious: extemely highered Bosozoku style car

January 31, 2009 in hilarious by banpei

Yesterday I already wrote about, so I thought today’s Hilarious posting should definitely be about the Bosozoku style! 😛

Well, apart from the exhaust Champion picture I posted in the the Bosozoku Carina Sightings there was also another interesting car on that very same meeting:

According to the poster this meeting should be held by the Tan Family which is a former motorcycle gang.

Here you can see it in action:

When I saw the car first I thought it would most probably have, apart from the obvious speedbump trouble, a cornering problem. Looks like the guy did a good job and changed the caster of the front wheels to match the highered rear end.

And I can’t get enough of it:

In case you’re wondering what car this used to be: it took me some time to figure out but it is a facelifted JDM Toyota Crown MS110.

Simply hilarious! 😀

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Carina’s at

January 31, 2009 in toyota carina by banpei

I found this site of someone collecting VIN numbers (also called serialnumbers) of cars. He/she collects the plates and makes photos of them. Incidentally there are also photos of the body of the car. Lucky enough there are a lot for the Carina A6:
Toyota Carina AA60 (3A-U) Wreck
Toyota Carina AA60 (3A-U) Wreck

Toyota Carina AA60 (3A-U) Wreck
Toyota Carina AA60 (3A-U) Wreck

Toyota Carina CA67 (1C) van wreck
Toyota Carina CA67 (1C) van wreck

As you can see: all of them are wrecks on a junkyard. To be more precise: I suspect a Russian junkyard. 😉
A lot of the VIN plates in his/her collection are either JDM (E in front of of the modelnumber). For instance the two AA60s are both JDM cars, while the CA67 van is European (N in front of the modelnumber).

Some other interesting cars (with pictures!):
Nissan Skyline R30s (in serial numbers gallery also a R33!)
Nissan Cedrics
1981 Mazda Cosmo
Some X70 Toyota Cresta’s
and last but not least:
Two JDM Crowns

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New website:

January 28, 2009 in New website by banpei

Together with a friend of mine we’ve created a new website:
Bosozoku Style blog
The Bosozoku Style blog

This new site will feature daily new fresh Boszoku style cars submitted by both me and Bosozoku.

If you think you want to contribute to the site as well: please contact us!

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Nissan Skyline 50th Victory at Fuji Speedway

January 27, 2009 in fuji speedway by banpei

More vintage Skyline KPGC10 GT-R footage:

I found it on Japanese Nostalgic Car blog in their blog posting about Motoharu “gan-san” Kurosawa being reunited with a hakosuka on Fuji Speedway.

They posted this old footage somewhere in May and I can’t believe I actually missed it!!

I think it’s very cool they read my comment on Jalopnik and credited me for finding the vintage footage of Gan-san doing a lap on Fuji Speedway.

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Carina Sightings: Another Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 on Speedhunters

January 26, 2009 in carina sightings by banpei

Mike Garrett came across another Toyota Carina AA63 in a drift competition. This time he saw it at the HKS Premium day on the Fuji Speedway:
Carina GT-R AA63 at HKS premium day drift event
Carina GT-R AA63 at HKS premium day drift event

Compare it to the Carina AA63 he spotted before on Tsukuba circuit:
Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit drifting
Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit drifting

As you can see the Tsukuba Carina is a much more low budget drifter than the Fuji Speedway Carina: less bodyparts, no airdam, bend hood, single wiper, missing headlight and the Fuji Speedway Carina has way less stickers. Personally I like the Tsukuba Carina more eventhough it looks less pretty: it is more beaten up which makes it more charming IMO. On the other hand the Fuji Speedway Carina drifts a much smoother line…

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Motoharu Kurosawa driving the Nurburgring Nordschleife

January 25, 2009 in Motoharu Kurosawa by banpei

Yesterdays posting about Motoharu Kurosawa made me wonder what videos I could find about Motoharu Kurosawa. I did find a lot of videos from which I like this video the most:

It is Gan-san doing an almost flat out round on the Nurburgring Nordschleife with a Honda S2000 prototype! Imagine that the whole S2000 wasn’t available back then and it must have attracted a lot of attention back then. If you look careful enough on the last seconds of the video a large part of the car was wrapped in covers so the press wouldn’t see its final shape!

As you can see the car is very fast! It passes a lot of motorcycles with great ease and he drives several times at the limit, sometime losing control just a tad bit. But during most of the run he remains seated very calm.

The run isn’t timed, but it is somewhere around the 8:45. If you look at the laptimes you will see that it around the same laptime as Horst von Saurma did with a S2000. But it is nowhere near Gan-san’s own record of 7:56 with the NSX-r.