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Olivér is six months now

February 28, 2008 in Olivér by banpei

Time travels fast! Olivér is already a half year old now! Can’t imagine it is already six months ago that he was born!

Oliver eating broccoli
The picture is taken yesterday evening when Olivér was trying to eat broccoli for the third time!

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TA40 pedalbox arrived!

February 27, 2008 in ta60 by banpei

The TA40 pedalbox has arrived yesterday!

TA40 pedals

Unfortunately Mark totalled his TA40 and a lot of parts were salvagable. Lucky for me the pedalbox, master break and clutch cylinders were in perfect condition!

I bought the set because when converting from auto I’m in need of a clutch pedal. Since the TA40 and TA60 have the same bottom the pedalbox should be a perfect fit!

Thanks again for going through all trouble Mark!

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Carina hits 75k mark

February 26, 2008 in 75000 by banpei

Carina done 75000km

As you can see: the Carina drove 75000km!

Actually I didn’t really keep an eye upon the speedo, but while parking the car last sunday I noticed this odd (actually even!) phenomenon. 😉

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New interesting band: I Was A Cub Scout

February 25, 2008 in New interesting band by banpei

Found a new interesting band last week and have been listening it for a while now: I Was A Cub Scout
It’s a two-man band (originally one-man band) from Lincolnshire, England.

You can listen (only limited amount of time) to their songs on the 3voor12 listening-post:

I find them a mix between synthpop and some of the britpop bands (Dodgy, James) of the last decade.

For more info: