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Olivér is 13 months old today!

September 28, 2008 in Olivér by banpei

I kind of forgot/skipped Olivér’s 1st birthday because we were still on holiday in Hungary back then. After wards I had too much at hand and kind of forgot to post his birthday. 🙁

Anyway, to make up for his first birthday I’ll post his 13th monthday here today! 😛
Olivér 13 months
Picture was taken this morning. He went to the barber for the first time yesterday, so that’s why his hair is short.

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Olivérs first real words

July 28, 2008 in Olivér by banpei

Yesterday when feeding Olivér some peach he thought it was way too sour. In the mean time I was eating a banana, which is his favorite food. All of a sudden he said “baaaa-naaaan” and shortly after that “naan”, which is completely correct in Dutch spelling! 😉

He did say “Mama” and “Papa” before, but that was not really pointing out to anyone or anything, while the “baaaa-naaaan” was clearly pointing to the banana!

Also today is his 11th monthday, so he’s almost a year now! Happy monthday, Olivér!

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Olivér is six months now

February 28, 2008 in Olivér by banpei

Time travels fast! Olivér is already a half year old now! Can’t imagine it is already six months ago that he was born!

Oliver eating broccoli
The picture is taken yesterday evening when Olivér was trying to eat broccoli for the third time!