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Friday video: Tire stretch on a Work Equip 01

In the past ae86lan already proved to be the master of tire stretch by stretching to tires at the same time using the explosion method. This time he shows how to stretch tires on a set of one piece Work Equip 01 using a bead blaster….

Carina Sightings: Perfecty white Carina AA63 sedan

Last week I found this perfect Carina sedan (presumably an AA63) on deep dish Work Equip rims in

Carina Sightings: 1985 red Carina GTR AA63

I haven’t seen many red Carinas so far… Of course I’ve seen the infamous Carina Firevan, but not a factory red Carina… About three weeks ago Kyteler sent me an email about a red Carina for sale at the Toyspeed.org.nz forums: Red 1985 Carina GTR AA63 Unfortunately I could not get in touch with the…