Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

In this video I will unbox all the goodies that I received for the Toyota AE86 today! It was a bit exciting as I didn’t know 100% for sure if it would be all for the AE86, but luckily it did!
Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

You can watch the video below:

Pioneer KPH-4800 head unit / radio

So the first item is a vintage Pioneer KPH-4800 head unit / radio from 1985. This is periodically correct for the AE86. Okay, it is two years off, but for this bargain price I couldn’t resist!

According to the seller, this head unit functions perfectly with only one defect: the tape drive. Now in most cases the belt of the tape deck will snap, and this can easily be remedied. New belts can be ordered from Ebay and replaced. The only worry I have is that it is mid-80s Japanese electronics, so probably every available space has been used. This might make it very difficult to replace the belt, without taking the unit apart completely.

Toyota AE86 manga sized book

The second item is an AE86 related book from Japan. The book is similar in shape as the Japanese manga. It really feels like one of those manga companies tried to make a buck out of the Initial D craze and flinged these books at all the fanboys! First you buy Initial D manga, then an AE86 and then this AE86 book!

YC tuning magazine

The third item is the YC tuning magazine from September 1991. It has a 4A-GE feature in it which ranges from the AE82 till the AE92 and AW11. Also the 4A-GZE is featured in here. Love this magazine with all it’s late 80s/early 90s look and feel! It is pre-drift mania and it clearly shows most grassroots racers were more into rallying than drifting.

I also received this promotional code from FromJapan. If you register with this code, you and I will receive an additional 500 points. This will certainly help supporting the channel!
FromJapan promotional code

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