Mint S13 Silvia, revving music and AE86 N2 track car [Episode 2]

Mint S13 Silvia, revving music and AE86 N2 track car [Episode 2]

Welcome to What Did I Watch This Week episode 2!
What did I watch this week - Episode 2
In this video we have six videos that I watched during the past week, where the highlights are the mint Nissan Silvia S13, some engine revving music and the Impulse AE86 N2 track car going around Suzuka circuit in 2:23!

Watch the video below:

Drift missile light bar

Enjoy Nori Yaro’s light bar install and midnight drifting at Ebisu Drift Matsuri:

He is Australian and mad. Nuf said.

Mint Nissan Silvia S13

Let’s drive Nissan Silvia S13

Everyone likes the SR20 powered S13s, but actually the “lesser” CA18DET cars are still relatively good performers. Watch this honest review by Derek and Paul from Let’s Drive Japan!

Toyota Corona Taxi

I never knew the front end differed that much: front fenders differ (indentation) and the hood has no recessed wipers like the Carina and the Corona. Looking up close reveals only the headlights, grille and front are the same.

To make up for my quirky Carina love, what about this Nissan Laurel C33 MEDALIST M3 inspired with Skyline seats?

Confused already?

Revving music

Sorry, video has been removed…
While doing research on videos to match the Carina motorcycle handlebar video ( I found this awesome video. It was too dark to use, but the melody the driver produces by revving his Honda XBR400F is amazing!

Impulse AE86 N2 track car

Last but not least: the Impulse AE86 N2 track car

Impulse is an awesome company that make many aftermarket parts (also original copies) for the AE86. To promote their business they also run this AE86 N2 track car. It is simply amazing how fast it is, especially how fast it passes some seriously tuned Nissan Fairlady Zs and RX7 FDs!

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