October lockup update

October lockup update

I intended to paste this short clip about the status of the Celica and the lockup into the October update. Unfortunately I had over one and a half hours of raw footage for the update alone so I skipped the lockup update. I just re-watched this clip and thought it did need to be sent to the public out there. 😉
October lockup update
If you have more information on the TVR Chimaera, for instance what that second “shift knob” is about, please let me know in the comments below!

View the update video below:

About the hatch, bumpers and doors: yes the hatch and bumpers are for free as they are in a not so great condition. The doors are still in excellent condition and almost entirely rust free. For a small sum of money (or a case of beer) they can be yours. I will not ship them across the world, so pickup in the Netherlands is the only way to get them. 😛

Direct link to video: Part one

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