Video: Corolla AE86 chasing Carina AA63

Video: Corolla AE86 chasing Carina AA63

I found this video on youtube today and thought it was quite nice.

The chaser is a Corolla AE86 struggling to keep up with the Carina AA63 and barely manages, however after a slip up from the Carina (almost crash at 1:32) he falls behind and a Soarer MK2 (I think) Carina CoupĂ© starts chasing the AA63. Then the Corolla AE86 falls behind even more: he can’t keep up since now the Carina is being pushed by a faster car.

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  1. It put it on full screen now and re-watched it. You’re absolutely right: it’s a 2 door Carina, not a soarer. Thanks! d:)b

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