Carina A6 Coupe powered by 2L-T diesel!

Carina A6 Coupe powered by 2L-T diesel!

At first I thought “oh another engine swap” on a Carina coupe, but that was untill I saw the black cloud of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe! WTF!?!

1982 Toyota carina

I can understand a lot of engine swaps and I can understand it if you want a powerful modern diesel engine, but why this archaric 2L engine??

The owner says that he wants to drift with it. Ofcourse diesels have a great torqueband and it is twin charged, but still… Revving takes forever and the redline at 4500 rpm?! Power output can’t possibly be exceeding 120hp and it is smoking like a steamtrain.

One nice thing about it is that it clearly can make nice smoke-rings. Maybe it can even write your name in smoke while drifting. 😉

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