Remember The Kip Brigade?

Remember The Kip Brigade?

A long, long time ago I was member (PoZoR) of The Kip Brigade (hell, I even started it!) and we uploaded our own music to BBS-es to gain download credits. At first we uploaded our very best songs, but after a while that dried up. So of course we started making worse and worse music and especially worse music about chickens (kip means chicken in Dutch) with all chicken sounds we could find or sample from other sources.

I even remember sampling a Ko de Boswachter record for the line “Krijg de pip met je kip” which means something like “get ill with your chicken”.

Apparently Dominos Australia started some commercial with BBQ chicken flavored pizzas and the result was some weird commercial with dancing chickens. It was taken from some artist who made a full video on techno chickens.

This is the Dominos ad:

This is the full video of the dancing chickens:

Great to see people still got The Kip Brigade spirit!! Or maybe it does have to do something with Mux moving to Australia?? 😉

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