Konis installed on Carina

Konis installed on Carina

Yesterday my neighbor finally installed the Konis on the Carina. Normally I would have done it myself, but since I currently rather spend half a day with Olivér than with Carina I chose to pay my neighbor for it.

Unfortunately, apart from the supplier, it took him a lot longer than expected to find the time to do it.

Anyway, took the Carina for a quick spin yesterday and I found the front a lot better than before! Even before the right shock was broken the car already felt like I was riding a boat. Now it feels quite firm when weight-shifting the car (normal traction ws, not to be confused with ws for drifting 😛 ) and doing an emergency brake won’t make the front eat the tarmac anymore.

I’m very happy with them and can’t wait till we try some konis on the rear axle! 🙂

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