Zabrze! Ruda ?l?ska!

Zabrze! Ruda ?l?ska!

Just returned from a businesstrip to Poland last friday.

I did expect it to be cold there, but apparently weather changed and it was actually quite warm and foggy. That also meant that all coal-exhausts were still close to the ground which isn’t so nice if you’re not used to it at all.

We went to our Polish company HQ in Ruda ?l?ska which is a very modernized ex-iron works building from somewhere between art-deco and art-nouveau. Very nice! 🙂

We stayed first night in Zabrze (pronounced as if you’re drunk, but don’t tell the Zabrzaians!) in a standardized Ibis hotel and the second night in the hotel Cracovia in Krakow which is an ex-communistic hotel.

Hotel Cracovia looks like General Wojciech Jaruzelski sat around the table with Honnecker and Husák every weekend. It has wide and long corridors, old thick carpet and rooms as big as twice my living room. 😉

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