Hello world?

Hello world?

The first entry isn’t about the “Hello World” you think it is about!
It is all about the stupid “Hello World” cd sent to me by the government. With complements of the minister of Youth and Family AndrĂ© Rouvoet it said.
Well, I don’t know if you know that minister, but I honestly wouldn’t receive complements from that righteous seeking conservative christian (pronounced with a g!). They actually spent money on sending me a cd containing a song for my child. If I actually put the cd inside my computer it is supposed to give me some hints and directs me to some stupid website.

Duh… If they would have sent me the url directly they wouldn’t have to spend millions on pressing those cds, paying rights for the songs (otherwise Brein will complain) and of course send the whole package to every newborn child and his/her parents.

Of course I did the most sensible thing to do: threw the whole thing in the trashbin. If I wouldn’t do that it probably would hound me for the rest of my life…


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