AE86 Trivia: AE86 and AE85 Gauge clusters

December 29, 2012 in AE86 Trivia

Earlier I featured the AE86 GT-Apex Digi Dash and obviously it raises many AE86 enthusiasts hearts. This time I’d like to feature the normal AE86 cluster versus the AE85 cluster.
AE86 Trivia header

If you ever owned an AE86 (or watched too much Initial D) this cluster should be quite familar:
AE86 Trivia: Toyota Levin AE86 gauge cluster
It is the standard JDM kouki AE86 cluster for RHD cars. Difference between the kouki and zenki cluster are the the white vertical lines and white needles that replaced the old orange needles.
Difference between JDM and UKDM gauge cluster is the speedo that reaches 150mph (240km/h). Unfortunately I haven’t found a picture of that cluster yet…

Difference between JDM and continental EUDM gauge cluster is the mirrored layout and speedo that reaches 240 km/h. Read the rest of this entry →

Ideal family car: Toyota Comfort GT-Z?

February 19, 2009 in Ideal family car

Some days ago I mentioned that I would not buy a Carina after this one. What would be my successor for the Carina then? Well, I don’t know that either but time will tell, maybe an Lexus IS300 (Altezza) or perhaps another car. At least I’m always looking around for fun cars and I found another one: the Toyota Comfort! 🙂
Toyota Comfort standard trim
Toyota Comfort in standard trim

The Toyota Comfort was designed in 1988 with only purpose to serve as a taxi. More or less something like the Austin FX4 you saw around the UK up till five years ago. The current model is based upon the Crown S130 platform, but with a shortened floorpan to make it more agile. The Comfort features a 3Y-PE engine on LPG or a 3C diesel.

TRD Comfort GT-Z in black
Very good looking supercharged TRD Comfort GT-Z in black

But the more fun is the limited (59 vehicles) TRD Comfort GT-Z. This car features a supercharged 3S-FE and has, of course, a TRD suspension which is much stiffer than the standard Comfort. The supercharged 3S-FE outputs 160HP which should move this car happily around every corner. 😉

Enginebay of the supercharged TRD Comfort GTZ
Enginebay of the supercharged TRD Comfort GTZ

And if that is not enough: there is also a TRD Comfort GTZ which runs on the track. It’s got the supercharger replaced for a turbo. I suspect it is mainly being used for drifting seeing the D1 sticker.

TRD Comfort GTZ racecar with Turbo-ed 3S-FE
TRD Comfort GTZ racecar with Turbo-ed 3S-FE

Just imagine what the movie trilogy Taxi would have looked like if it had featured this car instead of the 406. 😉

TRD Comfort GTZ racecar with Turbo-ed 3S-FE
TRD Comfort GTZ racecar with Turbo-ed 3S-FE

Sounds like an ideal family car if I would live in a RHD country. Nobody expects something as boring a taxi to be used as a normal car and actually be a wolf in sheepsclothing. And what I would do is probably take out the 3S-FE and replace it with a Beams 3S-GE. That would make much more sense than supercharging or turbo-ing the 3S-FE. 😉