Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

March 8, 2017 in toyota ae86, unboxing

In this video I will unbox all the goodies that I received for the Toyota AE86 today! It was a bit exciting as I didn’t know 100% for sure if it would be all for the AE86, but luckily it did!
Unboxing Toyota AE86 goodies

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HaCHiRoCK 2012: the arrival!

October 5, 2012 in event

This is the last posting for HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012 and no: we’re not doing everything backwards. 😉
Actually I already posted up some pictures from this source yesterday, but the great thing is that he photographed all hachis arriving at the HaCHiRoCK!
HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012
Yes, that means that you can find about 200 hachis in 28 gallery pages in the Minkara gallery starting here:
Beginner Celica @ Minkara
If you want to view it backwards, start here… 😉

HaCHiRoCK 2012: the WTF!?

October 4, 2012 in event

Shortly after meetings people post up tons of pictures (and videos) and you always see photos where you think: WTF!? Same happened to me when browsing the HaCHiRoCk 2012 with the ones I’m posting up!

First of all I was a bit confused by this black (fake carbon) sticker on the headlights:
HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012
Here in Europe we are familiar with these stickers as we do occasionally cross the channel to the UK and our cars have to carry these stickers to prevent us from blinding the Brits. Obviously the same applies to the Brits when they set foot on continental soil. 😉

So why would a hachi in Japan be carrying these stickers? Are they from Okinawa? Can’t be as the Levin AE86 has been produced after 1978…

The answer actually came to me spotting the HaCHiRoCK coverage on Speedhunters about the rally cars. One of them features HID headlights and of course the original Levin headlights were never intended to do this: they scatter the light into a certain areas and they probably blind others, hence the stickers on these headlights.

Another WTF was the wideness of this hachi: Read the rest of this entry →

HaCHiRoCK 2012: The beautiful ones

October 3, 2012 in event

As promised: some more pictures from HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012 and this time the pictures from which I thought they were beautiful in one or another way…
HaCHiRoCK 2012
First of all this picture showed you in one glance all the possibilities of the zenki Levin front end. Even though the one up front is not factory panda white this inverse panda actually does look good!

Then this picture is similar to the one I posted up yesterday: Read the rest of this entry →

HaCHiRock 2012: The first pictures have arrived!

October 2, 2012 in event

Last Sunday there was a big party in Sagamiko and unfortunately for the fourth time I was not able to be there… If you are unfamiliar with the date and place: it hosts the biggest hachi-roku gathering in the world called HaCHiRoCK Festa!
HaCHiRoCK Festa 2012
This year the festival was down from 270 cars to 200 cars due to renovations of the Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest but nevertheless the festival was better than last year!

Even Speedhunters did make it this year: Read the rest of this entry →

Barn Finds: Toyota Sprinter Trueno on Mercedes S Class rims

February 21, 2012 in barn find

Only in Japan an AE86 barn find isn’t something spectacular. Unless the AE86 has a set of 16 inch S-Class Mercedes rims mounted on the rear:
Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 barn find
Probably the rims are not the real deal and some noname knock offs, but I must say they actually do look great on the hachi.

And here the little hachi is on its way to its new home:
Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 barn find

Found at Crazy-Doctor