Count the Toyota 2000GTs in this picture!

December 28, 2012 in count

Sorry for the small scale, but this picture was taken from Minkara and is too amazing not to post:
Count the Toyota 2000GTs in this picture!
In case you really want to count them: you can include the Toyota 2000GT SEV in the foreground. 😉

Just imagine the amount of money this lineup is worth: the 2000GT averages somewhere around the $400,000 dollars (the Carroll Shelby is an outlier) and I counted at least 12 of them and the line just continues. 12 times $400,000 is just short of $5,000,000 dollar!

To put this a bit into perspective, have a look at this amazing Toyota Corona T140 lineup: Read the rest of this entry →

Toyota 2000GT ReBORN into a SEV

January 21, 2012 in WTF

Last week I already spotted a few pictures (and posts) about this crazy project at the Tokyo Auto Salon: someone is turning a Toyota 2000GT into a solar powered electrical vehicle!
Crazy car project: Toyota 2000GT SEV
The engine fitted is a 161hp electrical engine, so it keeps the power roughly the same. The hood and rear window are both a solar power panel and charge the batteries while you drive. And the car is still capable of driving over 200 km/h. Just imagine: a 45 year old super rare car (only 337 build!) is converted to an electrical equivalent!

The best news is that I found a video about the project: Read the rest of this entry →

Family Album Treasures: Daddy’s Toyota 2000GT

October 25, 2011 in Family Album Treasures

Personally I think this kid has the coolest daddy of them all: his dad owns a Toyota 2000GT!
Well, actually that has not been confirmed since it doesn’t state who’s 2000GT it is…
Family Album Treasures Daddy's Toyota 2000GT
But even though the 2000GT may not be yours you obviously want to keep this picture in the family album! 😉

Picture found at Eikoman

Japanese rustoseums (part twentysix)

April 14, 2011 in rustoseums

Lucky enough the Toyota 2000GT had aluminium bodywork, otherwise it would not have survived standing on the undergrowth this long!
Toyota 2000GT bodywork
Toyota 2000GT bodywork

The bodywork is of an early type (zenki) and appears to be in tip top shape. Now only where did they leave the chassis then? Or did that dissolve standing there for in the past thirty years?

Found at [junkyarddog]

Video: Back in 2006…

February 20, 2011 in video

…when 2000GTs were still on the road!

Just thought the description of this video was hilarious! 😀

Found at [Yamabws / The Doctor @ Youtube]

video: Ferrari versus Mini

August 8, 2009 in video

You’re probably thinking: wtf? Is he mad or something? A mini versus a Ferrari?
No, I haven’t lost my mind yet and it makes perfectly sense to post this video:

It is an amazing achievement by this Japanese to keep up with that Ferrari (except on the straight) and it is amazing how much faster this Mini is in the cornering sections. This Mini is fast!

It is not the Mini nor the Ferrari that I find interesting: the cars they are passing are! :)

@0:23 a Starlet KP61, @0:42 a N2 AE86, @1:11 a Toyota Levin AE86 and a Nissan Sunny B310 coupe, @1:36 he gets passed by a RX7 FD (which he passes later on), @1:46 a Honda Fit (?), @2:13 a third generation Honda Integra, @2:39 another FD and a Toyota 2000gt, he does have some trouble with that Yaris Sport @4:00 and finally passes the Ferrari @4:43. Another oddity: @4:57 a rare VW Golf Mk2.