Shakotan: How low can a Nissan Skyline DR30 go?

October 10, 2013 in shakotan

It has been a while since this link entered my linkdump, but it kept popping up now and then. Basically during a Skyline meetup this Skyline owner took a couple of pictures of this lowered Tekkamen Nissan Skyline DR30:
Shakotan Nissan Skyline R30
Shakotan is generally connected with zokusha and mad camber cars but actually it means low car

And this DR30 is certainly LOW: Read the rest of this entry →

Family Album Treasures: Okinawa Skyline DR30 black special

September 10, 2012 in Family Album Treasures

Car? Check!
Sea? Check!
Beach? Check!
Scenic rocks? Check!
Pose in front of the camera? Check!
Okinawa Skyline DR30 black special
I guess this panoramic picture is the perfect photo for the family album!

It is so perfect that it has to be repeated once more with the wife: Read the rest of this entry →

Count the Skylines (part 3)

September 4, 2012 in count

As a follow up on yesterdays Restive Horse cage post another picture from the KCAR Autopolis meeting:
Count the Nissan Skyline DR30s!
So how many Skyline DR30s can you count in this picture?
And to win a small prize: how many tekamen (iron mask) can you count in this picture?

Found at Restive Horse car club

WTF: child caged in a Skyline DR30

September 3, 2012 in wtf

Almost two years ago I spotted the Restive Horse car club on the Garage Pleasure blog and I started following them since. I was a bit surprised to find this picture this morning:
Child caged in a Restive Horse DR30
That’s his daughter Miss Hasemi (yes, that’s really her name!) sitting in the best protected spot of the car enroute to the KCAR Autopolis meeting.

In case you are wondering what that insane trackmonster looks like: Read the rest of this entry →

Japanese Rustoseums (part thirtyeight)

June 19, 2012 in rustoseums

This once beautiful Skyline DR30 is nowadays a heap of rust:
Nissan Skyline RS R30 rustoseum
It has been stripped from its bumpers, windshield, mirrors and interior…

And also from its tail lights: Read the rest of this entry →