Picture of the Week: 1983 Toyota Corona GT-TR TT142 ad

August 6, 2015 in picture of the week

Two weeks ago Irvin requested a large scan of the Toyota Corona GT-TR TT142 ad I featured some time ago. I only posted a small portion of the ad because it featured some sort of Bond-girl hugging a 3T-GTE engine. Yes that was a real WTF. 😉

Anyway, here is the full scan of the Corona ad:
Toyota Corona GT-TR TT140 ad with Roger Moore
Now is that a real Bond-car or not? 😛

Picture of the Week: Datsun 180B sedan cutaway drawing

January 10, 2015 in picture of the week

The Datsun 180B (Nissan Bluebird 810) is one of my favorite Nissans of all times: it is right between Nissan’s coke-bottle styling and the more serious and cooperate squared off designs of the 70s. So not surprisingly I printer this cutaway drawing of the Datsun 180B and put it up on the wall:
Datsun 180B Cutaway drawing
I do fancy the design of the Datsun 180B two door coupe a bit more but I can’t complain, can’t I?

Found at: favcars

Picture of the Week: Lexus LS400 Cutaway

December 13, 2014 in picture of the week

This time this cut up Lexus LS400 is not a cutaway drawing but the real deal:
Picture of the Week: cutaway Lexus LS400
It is a bit of a shame I could not find a real cutaway drawing of the Lexus LS400 as this would have made an excellent example on how accurate the drawing would be. Also nice to note that since September this year the Lexus LS400 is officially a classic car now as the early models reached the age of 25 years.

Found at: Lextreme

Picture of the Week: Toyota Carina A60 initial design sketch

September 1, 2014 in picture of the week

As I described a few weeks ago: I bought a CD-ROM with all Toyota Carina FR workshop books (scanned) on it and it is a treasure of information. From now and then there are a few hidden gems in there, like the initial design sketches for the four door sedan of the Toyota Carina A60:
Toyota Carina A60 design sketch
The front is a bit more slanted than the production version and if you squint your eyes you can see the Toyota Corona A140 in it that shared the same platform. Wheel arches are more squared off than the Carina and this is quite similar to the Corona as well.

However the sketch from the rear is unmistakeably the four door Toyota Carina A60 sedan:
Toyota Carina A60 design sketch
The tail lights are clearly the same design as the tail lights of the zenki sedan. Even the rear door has the blacked out triangular part that finishes of the lines of the rear door.

Perhaps Toyota made a study to see if they could fully merge the Corona and Carina with the A60/T140 generation? Eventually they managed to do it in the next T150 generation.

Picture of the week: Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo cutaway drawing

August 7, 2014 in picture of the week

If I had to choose one single Mitsubishi from their entire lineup as my favorite I would definitely answer the Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo. Today I got reminded of this awesome car and thought it would be nice to share a cutaway drawing of it:
Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo A176A

Cutaway drawing found at: Tech-Racingcars.eu

Picture of the Week: Toyota Supra MA70 cutaway drawing

July 8, 2014 in picture of the week

Today I got reminded that the Toyota Supra MA70 is a proper classic now: the first ones were built in 1986 already which means they are already 28 years old by now. These Supras advanced cars back in the mid 80s, especially the JDM GA70 and later JZA70s were awesome cars!
Toyota Supra MA70 Cutaway drawing
The reason why I got reminded of the Supra was because of this comment on Jalopnik by CaCressida on the topic What car could have been great but wasn’t made me laugh out loud:

Toyota’s MK3 Supra sucked ass. The 7M is a total boat anchor that pops head gaskets and chews rod bearings like popcorn. The Mk2 Supra and MK4 Supra are both lighter than the Mk3 Supra and both offered better engines even though the MK2’s engine was .2 liters and 12 valves short of the 7M. The MK3 was a confused car. It didn’t know if it was a GT car or a luxury car. The turbo 7M wasn’t exactly an engine worth salivating for either. We actually call MK3 Supras Rolling box of Cressida parts in the Cressida forums. We steal the differentials, transmissions and pedals off these things and chuck the bodies in the trash.

Bring on the MK3 Supra humpers…

BTW: I don’t necessarily share this view, so if you feel attacked by the above, please leave your comments at Jalopnik and not here. 😉

Via Jalopnik
Cutaway drawing found at: MA71SupraTurbo