Video: Project-X Prince Motor R380

March 19, 2011 in video

I found this great video about the Prince R380 on AUTOnGRAPHIC. It features an interview with the late Shinichiro Sakurai taken back in 2004 on the Prince company, Prince Skyline and the Prince R380!


Commercial time: Nissan’s rally cars

April 15, 2010 in commercial time

The Violet from last monday made me think about its rally heritage. The Violet A10 was Nissan’s most successful rally car and the later models were powered by the LZ20 DOHC engine we know from the Nissan Super Silhouette Formula cars. Back in 1982 Nissan still appreciated their rally achievements and showed it with this TV advertisement:

The video starts with a the normal Gazelle S110 RS commercial, but shortly after that it shows the Nissan Violet A10 splashing through a big muddy pools and going sideways on the fourth Safari Rally. As a bonus it gets followed by another Gazelle S110 RS commercial! Probably they couldn’t get enough of that 4 valve FJ20E engine of theirs! Now that is appreciation! :)

Car chases: Mitsubishi versus Nissan

March 12, 2010 in Car chases

Time for some more car chases! This time it is Mitsubishis versus Nissans!
Edit: embedding was disabled by the user. Click on the image to watch the video!

This video clip of Guerilla: Tokyo Police Group 8 shows what carnage a group of Nissans can do against the police Mitsubishis. Lucky enough Shou Kuramoto (chief Daimon in Seibu Keisatsu) kills off the rocket launcher. Unfortunately two perfectly good Nissan Gazelle S110s get killed instantly and the Cedric manages to survive a good 8 minutes. So the Mitsubishis prevail over the Nissans. Nissan versus Mitsubishi, 0 : 1.

Commerical time: tiny dust cloud tells everything

February 6, 2010 in Commerical time

This Nissan cinema advertisement from 1980 should have no comments at all: the tiny dust cloud tells you everything!

Nissan Grandrive test circuit

November 7, 2009 in Nissan

Last week I wrote about the Nissan brochure from 1965. I mentioned the test track at the Oppama plant (????) in Yokosuka. I was a bit curious about it and tried to find pictures and videos of the track.

I did find two videos on Youtube. The first one is a video by Nissan to promote the track:

It mentions everything about the track and shows all different testing methods by Nissan. You can see the V35 Skyline being tested on the track. A bit of a shame the GT-R wasn’t available yet when this video was made…

The other video is one of a touringcar driving the track:

It is about the dullest touringcar ride I’ve ever seen! The driver must have thought that driving a bus on a circuit in the rain is very dangerous and kept himself to a maximum of 30 km/h! Ah well, at least you can enjoy the view this way. 😉

Nissan in 1965

October 31, 2009 in Nissan

Some time ago I saw an ad on Marktplaats selling a brochure Nissan 1965 without any picture with it. The description sounded good, it was fairly cheap (considering the age of it) and I contacted the seller. He didn’t have any possibility to send me pictures so I took the “risk”. Few days later this arrived:
Brochure Nissan 1965
Brochure Nissan 1965

It is actually a book of 50 pages and it is entirely in English. It was meant to be given away to new possible import companies and dealerships.

Brochure Nissan 1965
Brochure Nissan 1965

It shows the modernized Nissan during the early 60s: a modern car lineup, healthy figures, four modern production plants and even a test facility! Their growth is amazing during the late 50s and early 60s: between 20% and 25% growth each year!

Brochure Nissan 1965
Brochure Nissan 1965

As you can see: they have a model for almost everyone! On the front row the Fairladies on the left, the bluebird 410s in the middle and the new Silvia on the right. On the second row all the Cedrics are lined up. On the remaining rows all the utilitarian vehicles are shown.

Brochure Nissan 1965
Brochure Nissan 1965

This is the Oppama plant (????) in Yokosuka with a private pier at the Tokyo Bay and you can also see the test track on the background. The plant was considered the most modern car factory back in 1961 when it was opened and later in 1970 the first car factory to make use of robot welding. The test track is the very same as the one used in the 1960s Nissan Bluebird crashtest videos I posted some time ago.

Brochure Nissan 1965
Brochure Nissan 1965

And of course their latest product: a 1595cc two seater listening to the lovely name Silvia.

There is much much more in this book and I’m very happy I took the gamble to buy this unseen. A true gem! :)