JDM Treasure: Nissan Bluebird 910 and Laurel Spirit brochures

February 14, 2017 in brochures

Today I received this package in the mailbox! It is a stack of brochures I won via a CataWiki auction. Most of them are 90s era Nissan Maxima and Bluebird brochures, but it also included a JDM Nissan Bluebird 910 and Laurel Spirit brochure.
JDM Jackpot: Nissan Bluebird 910 brochure!
So I was really happy winning this 5 euro bargain!


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Down on the Street: Nissan Prairie x2

June 4, 2014 in dots

The Nissan Prairie was the first compact MPV put into production in 1981 and by the time we reached the mid 80s the European soil was covered in them. Everybody loved them as they were very spacious, well equipped and cheap to run. Nowadays almost all of them have disappeared so imagine my surprise when I passed two Nissan Prairies parked right after each other:
Nissan Prairie x2
So I told my son (who was also in the car) I had a quick errant to run, took a U turn and drove back and took a couple of photos.

The Prairie up front was in a slightly better shape than the one behind it: Read the rest of this entry →