WTF: one deep dished Fairlady!

July 6, 2012 in WTF

While browsing Minkara I stumbled upon Stance Nation’s Minkara account where I had this WTF?!
Stance Nation deep dished Fairlady
That’s one huge ass deep dished rim!

Found at Stance Nation @ Minkara

Family Album Treasures: dirty hands Fairlady Z

June 26, 2012 in Family Album Treasures

On what snapshot in your family album would you be at your best?
Family Album Treasures: dirty hands Fairlady Z
If you love drag racing Fairladies this has to be it: getting your hands dirty on that L28 engine swap!

Found at 0-4factory

Family Album Treasures: Group C

February 23, 2012 in Family Album Treasures

Back in 1983 the Group C races (prototypes) were the main event at the Fuji International Speedway with its smaller brother Group 5 (Super Silhouette) being the teaser for the big race. Not surprisingly the Group 5 cars were way more popular than the Group C as they were looking like the cars in real life. One of the exceptions to this was the Hasemi Skyline Group C endurance racer that looked awfully similar to its Group 5 counterpart:
Hasemi Skyline Group C
Same engine (570hp turbo charged LZ20b) but then with a lower, wider and more agressive looking bodywork! I would certainly pose in front of that as a little kid!

But why limit yourself to the Hasemi Skyline when there is also the Nissan Silvia March1: Read the rest of this entry →

So this is what a pack of (K)PGC10 sounds like!

February 16, 2012 in random

That were my exact thoughts when I watched this video of the New Year drive of a classic Nissan owners club! As a teaser before the video, this is what a KPGC10 and PGC10 traffic jam looks like:
Skyline GT-R owners club new year drive
The video was shot while the pack was exiting a parkinglot near Ichihara. (video on the next page) Read the rest of this entry →

Auto Holiday: the V8 Zee

December 27, 2011 in auto holiday magazine

In june 1980 Auto Holiday Magazine had this hot girl on its cover:
Auto Holiday Magazine
Or would that Racing Forg rim she is sitting on be much hotter?

Anyway, this issue of the magazine for car and leasure for youngs had something even hotter on the inside: Read the rest of this entry →