Count the MX5s!

June 18, 2013 in count

Can you count the number of MX5s in this picture? It was taken at the MAX-5 2013 event in the Netherlands where they set the Guiness World Record of the largest Mazda parade:
Count the number of MX5s!
It is a pity I did not know about this event before reading it at Jalopnik: would have been nice to hunt down some Miatas. ;)

So now don’t rush over to Jalopnik to find out the answer (if you didn’t know it already because you attended it!) but just think about your answer first. ;)

Via Jalopnik (photos are taken from Jalopnik and they did not give any credits to the rightful owners)

Japanese Autosport Festival: the bombs!

May 2, 2012 in jaf2012

There are lovers and haters of the stickerbomb style and I happen to be somewhere in between. If applied in a good fashion I like it a lot, if done in a wrong way I definitely hate it. Given this phenomenon popped up one and a half to two years ago I think we’re currently at the high of the trend, so there is hope for the haters. ;)

Anyway, here is a selection of cars I found on the Japanese Autosport Festival with stickerbombs!
Stickerbombed Mazda Miata
First of all the Miata of which I posted up a bombed flip up light before. All round this car was applied with various stickers, but the bombs were concentrated around the flip up lights. I love it this way: it is easily reversible and not overdone.

Speaking of flip up lights, this is a closeup of the other light: Read the rest of this entry →

DOTS: Miata hunting (part nineteen) plus bonus

September 25, 2011 in down on the street

After two Miataless months I thought it would be and excellent time to post up something I snapshotted half a year ago when I was at the Santa Clara conference hall. A USDM Miata had been parked at the conference parkinglot and while I was searching my bag for my HTC phonecam a white Celica RA42 parked right next to it! Yes, the Celica was indeed driven by a disabled person and it did have an automatic transmission.
USDM Miata and bonus Celica RA42
If you look at the Celica and Miata and compare it against the other two behemoths next to them you realize these two cars are very very un-American. ;)

When I walked around to take a snapshot up front the Miata owner returned left, so all in all I just had about one minute of luck to take the above snapshot. This is how the Celica looks up front: Read the rest of this entry →

DOTS: Miata hunting! (part eightteen)

July 18, 2011 in dots

No I’m not dead…yet. I’m just in holiday mode so a bit less postings will be made in the upcoming weeks.

Not to refrain you from your daily dose of JDMness I’ll give you the photo of this Miata I spotted earlier this week:
Down on the Street: Black 1994 Mazda Miata
Down on the Street: Black 1994 Mazda Miata

As you can see it rained heavily meaning a topless Miata would have been no fun at all!
You don’t see too many black Miatas, so I guess this one really is an exception to the rule. :)

DOTS: Miata hunting! (part seventeen)

May 29, 2011 in dots

It has been a while since I posted up some Miatas. I definitely wanted to take loads pictures of Miatas in California, but since they were so ubiquitous I stopped after a while and in the end only have to post up…

First of all this Silver MX5 NC, caught at the tramstop in San Franciso:
Silver Mazda MX5 NC in San Francisco
Silver Mazda MX5 NC in San Francisco

The reason it was shot this irregular was that my colleague (who I was travelling with) was complaining he would be in the picture. So enjoy “Jake” and his silvery shoes. ;)

Second of all this green Miata, parked in the parkinglot of the conference center:
Green Mazda Miata NA in Santa Clara
Green Mazda Miata NA in Santa Clara

A Celia RA42 was parked right next to it. I’ll post that in one of the next down on the street postings.