WTF: Celica Supra MA61 cabrio

July 14, 2013 in wtf

I have seen a couple of topless Toyota Celica AA63 before, but never a Celica Supra mark II. That was until now…
WTF: Toyota Celica Supra MA62 cabrio
Yes, someone chopped off the roof of this Celcia Supra MA61. Or even better: someone did this professionally!

Now the most interesting part of this car is the rear: Read the rest of this entry →

Picture of the Week: Celica M-300 by HKS

November 13, 2012 in picture of the week

Found these Celica M-500 pictures on Tumbler:
Toyota Celica M-500 by HKS Power
Haven’t found any info on this HKS Power Celica M-500…

But I do know that it is powered by a twin turbo 5M-GTE: Read the rest of this entry →

Familiy Album Treasures: crash your Celica XX in 1987

August 28, 2010 in Familiy Album Treasures

Back in 1987, when I was still in highschool and my dad still drove the Carina wagon this guy crashed his Celica XX into a red car while being chased by the police and drove through a red light.
Crashed Celica XX in 1987
Crashed Celica XX in 1987

Of course that is something you should be proud of if you are member of the LawBreak Family…

Found at LawBreak Family