Brilliant: DavidsFarm fixes a MX62 Cressida

February 26, 2012 in brilliant by banpei

It is great to see DavidsFarm videos reappear on Youtube now and then. This one was posted by cannabolic on AEU86 and it consists out of four parts.
DavidsFarm revives a 1983 Toyota Cressida

First David starts off looking at the damage 6 years in the woods did to the poor Cressie. After installing a new fresh battery he even miraculously manages to start it!

I do wonder if it is genuine and he didn’t spray some brake cleaner into the inlet manifold first…

Then he attempts to drive it and manages to do a couple of kilometers:

The car brakes down just hundred meters before the farm.

Attempts to revive it remain fruitless:

So nothing else to be done than to take a hike and fetch the good old Nissan. 😉

Direct link to videos: 84′ cressida start , part 1 cressida start and drive, part 2 cressida no start and long walk back